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What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a trained professional that provides the motivation, guidance and support that their clients need to improve their careers, relationships, and lives.

They help clients to recognize their skills and dreams, and refocus their life's goals. They can assist clients in moving past challenges that stand in the way of those goals.

They can empower their clients to come up with a plan of action in relieving stress, or moving forward in their career, or making a major life decision. A life coach can also help facilitate coping skills in a client that is dealing with a life transition.

A life coach can also assist with developing communication skills needed in personal and professional relationships.

 Just like the people who push athletes to greatness in sports, life coaches push their clients to find success and satisfaction from their job, lifestyle or relationships.

Kelly Kirschke CLC
Kelly Kirschke CLC

            The initial consultation is always FREE of charge!! So, you have nothing to lose, RIGHT?

I am here for YOU!

* Sessions are conducted in my office located at 105 Stony Pointe Way Suite 201B in Strasburg Virginia or by phone for clients that are out of the area.

Balanced Elevations is a life coaching service created and offered by Kelly Kirschke CLC.

 Kelly takes a non-judgmental and very down to Earth approach in her desire to empower others in finding their balance and reaching their life goals. Whether it is your career, time management, communication skills, spirituality, family dynamics, or any other area of your life that you would like assistance with.

Services are available to individuals, couples and families.
Seminars for corporate and private groups are also available.

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I look forward to hearing from you: 540-327-1571

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